High concurrency made simple

Return an array, spin up thousands of concurrent scans.

Return an array of assets to scan and watch your service automatically scale to thousands of concurrent serverless instances using our Queue Block. Your one-off proof-of-concept is now a production-ready pipeline, and you didn't have to write any additional code to do it.

Arsenal of Awesome

Effortlessly link code from every language together.

Build and re-use Code Blocks in any language and connect them together to build entirely new pipelines. Link together blocks written in Python, Ruby, PHP, Node, and Go in just a few clicks. So you can take that "just-dropped-on-Twitter" 0-day PoC script and create a scanning pipeline in minutes regardless of what language it's written in.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Whether you prefer to get alerts via Slack, email, SMS or push notification: Refinery's Saved Block Repository has your back. Utilize our already-published Saved Blocks to add alerting to your pipeline in minutes.

Magic out-of-the-box

Engineering time is valuable, why waste it doing superfluous work?

Refinery removes all of the pain points of setting up security automation pipelines. No managing infrastructure, no DevOps or distributed systems knowledge required, just link blocks and click deploy.

Create infrastructure by dragging blocks

Whether it's an API endpoint, a scheduled job, or a worker queue: Refinery lets you easily build services to process all of your data.

Magic horizontal scaling

With Refinery's Serverless deployments, your services will be able to scale up to meet rapid changes in demand. Just sit back and watch it scale.

Host with us, or host it yourself

Use our fully-managed platform or deploy pipelines to your own AWS account. Whatever your requirements we can help you get Refinery set up in your own environment.

Contact us about self-hosting

Don't pay to idle

Traditional server-based infrastructure has you paying for servers that are just idling. With Refinery you pay only for the compute you use and your costs scale with your business.

No more infrastructure maintenance: deploy it and forget about it

Spend your time building functionality, not maintaining infrastructure. No more PagerDuty alerts at 1 A.M, your pipelines are set-and-forget.

Serverless map-reduce without any additional code

With Refinery's fan-out and fan-in transitions you can instantly spread your workload across hundreds of cores without writing any additional code.

Learn more about fan-outs

Click below to deploy any of these infinitely-scalable Refinery services

Github Commit Secret Scanner Bot

Scan commits to public & private repositories for secrets automatically. Automatically comments on commits when someone commit AWS credentials, Slack tokens, and more. Supports multiple repos and scales to thousands of commits a minute.

Open Project in Refinery

Chrome Mass-Screenshot Service

Spin up thousands of on-demand Chrome instances to quickly screenshot a list of URLs. Get a Google Sheet of the results and find vulnerable exposed hosts quickly.

Open Project in Refinery

Distributed HTTP Request & Response Alerting Scanner

Set up HTTP requests to be run against all of your endpoints and create rules to alert on matching responses. Easily set up hundreds of tests for known vulnerabilities and get alerted when one of your endpoints is vulnerable.

Open Project in Refinery

Serverless XSS Hunter

Refinery implementation of the popular blind-XSS testing service XSS Hunter. Get email reports when your blind-XSS payload fires and start finding high-impact XSS vulnerabilities.

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Bootstrap your pipeline with some blocks from our community repository

Check for Heartbleed

Scan a box for Heartbleed to check if it's vulnerable. This block demonstrates how easy it is to port proof-of-concept scripts into Refinery Code Blocks for high-concurrency use.

Open Block in Refinery

Take Browser Screenshot of Webpage

Screenshot webpages in bulk and create automated reports. Keep an eye on all of your externally-accessible sites or store the images for analysis.

Open Block in Refinery

Google Sheet Pull or Insert Rows

Import or export your scan results to a Google Sheets. Have your spreadsheet automatically update with live scan information for easy vulnerability tracking.

Open Block in Refinery

Send a Slack Message

Alert your Slack room or get a direct message when a vulnerable host is found so your team can investigate.

Open Block in Refinery
Security Founded

Security is in our DNA

We have backgrounds in security, so you can be sure we care about making the job easier.

Matthew Bryant

Founder, CEO
Ex-Red Teamer & Security Engineer
Author of TheHackerBlog.com, XSS Hunter Creator

Free Wortley

Founder, CTO
Ex-Security Engineer & Developer
Creator of MMO Game Space Ramble

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