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How to Schedule an AWS Lambda Execution - Serverless Scheduling & Cron Jobs

A post on scheduling serverless jobs and crons via AWS Lambda and Cloudwatch Event Rules

Chaining Together Lambdas: Exploring All the Different Ways to Link Serverless Functions Together

One fairly common thing people want to do with Lambdas is chain them together to build microservices and workflows. This sounds easy enough in theory, but in practice tends to be much more complex (as is the case with most things in AWS). This post will walk through a few different methods to chain Lambdas together. We'll cover how you can chain together Lambdas using only vanilla Lambda functions, using AWS Step Functions, and using our platform, Refinery.

The Traveling Pokemaster - Hacking Pokemon Go With a Routing Algorithm

A post about the journey to calculate the optimal Pokestop route for the popular AR game Pokemon Go.

Jumping the Rabbit Hole - Walking Around Web App Obfuscation with Request Interception

Since a good number of our customers use our serverless platform to more easily deploy and scale their web bots and scrapers, I thought I’d write a post about a fun scraping challenge I encountered. Solving it required thinking a little bit outside the box I thought I’d share it here since it demonstrates a fairly re-usable approach to scraping heavily-obfuscated sites. This post will dive into how you can use request interception in Puppeteer to beat heavily obfuscated sites that are built to be resistant to scraping.

Turn Simple Proof-of-Concepts (PoCs) into Distributed Serverless Security Scanners with Refinery

In this post we show how to scale up a simple security proof-of-concept test into a highly-concurrent serverless distributed scanner. This allows us to rapidly scan thousands of hosts in seconds and quickly identify vulnerable hosts.

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