Web Magic

Make your code an API endpoint in just a few clicks.

Just connect your Code Block to an API Endpoint and API Response block and you have a fully-functional web endpoint!

(Oh, and it scales to thousands of QPS too, did we mention that?)

Powerful Functionality

Scrape a million URLs in a lunch break.

Problems which take a team of engineers weeks to months can be done with Refinery in a lunch break. Our tool provides powerful abstractions on cloud services, making them extremely simple to build on. No "cloud certification" needed!

Scalable Infrastructure

Link code blocks together to build highly scalable microservices.

Refinery's transitions allow you to link functional Code Blocks together to create widely-scalable microservices.

Some Features

Refinery is your secret scalability tool.

Build services without thinking about scale and have them magically meet your demand.

Many triggers, one solution.

Whether it's an API endpoint, a scheduled job, or a worker queue: Refinery lets you easily build services to process all of your data.

Magic horizontal scaling

With Refinery's Serverless deployments, your services will be able to scale up to meet rapid changes in demand. Just sit back and watch it scale.

Infrastructure without the OPs team.

No setup, no serverless, no learning a new framework, just write your code and click deploy.

Don't pay to idle.

Traditional server-based infrastructure has you paying for servers that are just idling. With Refinery you pay only for the compute you use and your costs scale with your business.

Stable infrastructure you can set and forget.

Refinery deploys to pure AWS and deployments are 100% independent from our infrastructure. This means your deployments are stable and stay up even if we have an outage.

Serverless map-reduce without any additional code.

With Refinery's fan-out and fan-in transitions you can instantly spread your workload across hundreds of cores without writing any additional code.

Deploy your first service in 60 seconds.

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