Web Magic

Attach an HTTP API to your code with a few clicks

Projects are composed of different types of building blocks that visually link together. Connect an API Endpoint block to a Code block and you're done!

(Oh, and it scales to thousands of QPS too, did we mention that?)

Automatic deployment

Deploy your application without writing a single config

Your code is deployed to the internet without ever having to think about uploading files, creating keys, or managing YAML files. The hard work is done magically in the background for you. Just write the code and let Refinery ship it!

Debugging Made easy

Visually debug your deployed microservices.

Refinery's advanced logging system allows you to follow the execution flow of your deployed microservice. Get the full input data, return data, terminal output and use it to easily reproduce the problem and fix it.

Some Features

Refinery is your secret scalability tool.

Build services without thinking about scale and have them magically meet your demand.

Many triggers, one solution.

Whether it's an API endpoint, a scheduled job, or a worker queue: Refinery lets you easily build services to process all of your data.

Magic horizontal scaling

With Refinery's Serverless deployments, your services will be able to scale up to meet rapid changes in demand. Just sit back and watch it scale.

Infrastructure without the OPs team.

No setup, no need to understand serverless, no learning a new framework, just write your code and click deploy.

Don't pay to idle.

Traditional server-based infrastructure has you paying for servers that are just idling. With Refinery you pay only for the compute you use and your costs scale with your business.

Stable infrastructure you can set and forget.

Refinery deploys to pure AWS and deployments are 100% independent from our infrastructure. This means your deployments are stable and stay up even if we have an outage.

Serverless map-reduce without any additional code.

With Refinery's fan-out and fan-in transitions you can instantly spread your workload across hundreds of cores without writing any additional code.

Learn more about fan-outs

Click to deploy any of these Refinery projects

Scan Github Commits for Secrets

Scan commits to public & private repositories for secrets automatically. Automatically comments on commits when you commit AWS credentials, Slack tokens, and more. Supports multiple repos and scales to thousands of commits a minute!

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Monitor Your App for Outages, Get a Text When It's Down

Automatically check your website/application every minute for outages and get an SMS alert when it goes down.

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Exploding Slack Messages

Automatically delete Slack messages after a set period of time (e.g. 5 minutes). Supports multiple Slack channels!

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Have a Suggestion?

Want something that isn't listed here? Click below to submit your idea to us - we just might build it!

Suggest Project Idea

A community repository of Code Blocks, ready to use!

Twilio Send SMS

Send Twilio texts for your drip SMS campaign, notification service, and more!

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Take Browser Screenshot of Webpage

Screenshot a website to create thumbnails, create an image portfolio, or just photograph thousands of websites.

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Grab & Insert Rows from a Google Sheet

Turn your spreadsheet into a fully-functional application. Grab spreadsheet rows and automatically run scripts with them, then dump the results into another Google Sheet!

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Send a Slack Message

Create a Slack bot for your channel that checks the weather, scrapes Hacker News, or just posts GIFs to match how you feel about something.

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